Mini-Miracles, in collaboration with the behavior and education specialists of RCS’ Executive Team, has developed a unique and dynamic curriculum designed to challenge and encourage children of all ages (infants to pre-kindergarten). The curriculum is broken down by age and developmental milestones for each age group and covers all areas of development including self-care, communication, play skills, social skills, motor development, and academics. Parents receive a comprehensive list of all the skills their child will be working on during their time in each classroom. These skills are then incorporated into fun and engaging weekly curriculum units based on exciting themes that vary month to month. Parents receive a monthly newsletter highlighting what skills will be targeted for the month as well as weekly curriculum showing all the fun and engaging activities the children are doing each day. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a lifetime of learning, all while having a great time!

Click on the links below to view sample curriculum!


Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Angelfish
Angelfish Classroom – Infant 1 (3-9 months)
Angelfish Classroom Sample (PDF)
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Starfish

Starfish Classroom – Infant/Toddler (10 – 15 months)
Starfish Classroom Sample (PDF)


Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Kangaroo
Giraffes Classroom Toddler (2-2.9 years)
Toddler Giraffes Class Sample (PDF)
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Giraffe
Kangaroos Tiny Tots Classroom (15 months – 2 years)
Tiny Tots Kangaroos Class Sample (PDF)


Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Monkey
Monkey Classroom – Preschool 1 (2.9-3.5 years)
Preschool Monkey Classroom Sample (PDF)
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Panda
Panda Classroom – Preschool 2 (3.5-4.5 years)
Preschool Pandas Class Sample (PDF)


Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Tiger
Tiger Pre-K Classroom (4.5-5.5 years)
Pre-K Tigers Class Sample (PDF)