Upon entering Mini-Miracles you will be wowed by our bright, sunny and cheery appearance. This carries over to each and every one of our classrooms as well. While all of our classrooms have a different theme and feel they all share some similar qualities as well. Each room is clean and safe with toys and activities organized to be accessible for the children to engage with as they choose. Artwork and pictures decorate the walls so parents have an opportunity to see what their little ones have been doing at school. Here is a little more information and pictures of our classrooms by age level.

Infants (0-15 months)

Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Angelfish
Angelfish Classroom
Ages 3 months to 9 months
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Starfish
Starfish Classroom
Ages 10 months to 15 months
Basic care is the first priority in our Infant classrooms; feeding, napping, diapering, and plenty of love! We want your infant to feel nurtured and happy in his/her home away from home.

Theme-based activities are planned around typical daily activities such as tummy time and floor play, with plenty of opportunities for individual attention and socialization. Learning in the infant rooms occurs through exposure to various stimuli, as teachers foster growth in all developmental areas throughout the month.

Toddlers (15 months-2.9)

Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Kangaroo
Kangaroo Classroom
Ages 15 months to 2 years
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Giraffe
Giraffe Classroom
Ages 2 years to 2.9 years
Children begin to play an active role in their own learning as they approach their toddler years. They gain increased awareness of their surroundings and of the cause-effect relationship between events, their own actions and that of others. Toddlers learn that grabbing a toy from a peer can make them cry, and that clapping during a song will make their teacher smile!

Classroom activities gain some structure in the older infant and young toddler rooms. Circle time, meal and nap times and clean-up are carried out as a group. There is plenty of free-play time with planned and improvised activities to encourage free-choice and individual self-expression.
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Giraffe

Preschool (2.9-4)

Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Monkey
Monkey Classroom
Ages 2.9 years to 3.5 years
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Panda
Panda Classroom
Ages 3.5 years to 4.5 years
By age 3, children begin to display an increased interest in completing tasks independently, though adult guidance is always appreciated! In our Preschool room, there is a set daily routine and schedule, including Circle Time and free-play.

There is increased focus on the days of the week, weather, and theme-related stories during Circle Time; and teacher-guided hands-on exploration of the months’ theme in the various plays centers in the classroom. Teachers foster your child’s self-help skills by giving them an opportunity to independently attempt tasks during bathroom breaks and meal times, providing hand-over-hand assistance when needed. They encourage children to think for themselves via open-ended questions about events and stories.
Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Monkey

Pre-K (4-5.5)

Mini-Miracles Classrooms: Tiger
Tiger Classroom
Ages 4.5 years to 5.5 years
In our Pre-kindergarten classroom, your children enjoy exploring their world through a variety of hands-on tasks, and in-depth discussions with teachers and peers about what they are learning. Theme-based activities are planned based on teachers’ observations of the children’s developmental needs and interests.

At ages 4-5, children typically feel the need to be independent, though they reserve the right to request adult help when a task is challenging. Our Pre-K teachers are there to help, always allowing the children to initially attempt a task independently, or with a peer. Preparing your child for the academic and social-emotional demands of Kindergarten –and life! – is the main goal in Pre-K. A world map, writing books, listening center and a regularly-updated dramatic play center are just some of the ways your child will learn about their world. A set daily schedule facilitates learning in a comfortable, predictable environment; though we also learn to be flexible when an unexpected fire-drill occurs! Through theme-related individual, and small and large-group games, your child will enjoy experimenting with a variety of stimuli, and learn that s/he is a member of a larger world! Children have ample opportunity to share opinions, make predictions and comparisons, and cheer each other on during challenging tasks. Learning is fun; Kindergarten, here they come!