“I have been absolutely blown away by my experience with Mini Miracles. While considering daycare facilities, I was looking for a reasonable price point, flexibility of schedule, some form of curriculum and safety/cleanliness. Mini Miracles hit all of those marks. My son is now a little over 2 years old and I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone at Mini Miracles. Being a healthcare provider at a hospital throughout the pandemic, I not only had concerns for the physical wellbeing of my son but also his development in these times. The teachers at Mini Miracles worked very hard to find the perfect combination of social and developmental skill development as well as safety. His wonderful teachers Diari, Jaeda, Jayaunna and Kiki go above and beyond to make each day fun and educational. With their safety protocols, they have been able to keep the facility open with very minimal disruption. My son loves his teachers and classmates and is always excited to go to daycare. The app keeps us updated in real time, which is a great relief as well. My favorite part of Mini Miracles is the teachers and directors. The directors Nikiya and Ashley are always very quick to respond to questions and can often be seen helping out in the classrooms. I truly don’t know what we would do without Mini Miracles!”

~ Emily & Nick (Parents of a toddler student)

“My children have been at Mini Miracles since we moved to MA – they entered class at ages 1 and 3 and we have been very happy to be a part of the MMCC family since. It has been an interesting ride, as about 6 months into attending school all daycares were shut down due to COVID. It’s been a challenging time for all businesses, the child care industry especially, and MMCC has handled each challenge and road block in a very professional and thoughtful manner.  They have been very open in communication, always providing updates to the ever changing state requirements throughout this pandemic, and have made a stressful situation that much better.  I’ll also mention that one of my children has food allergies and their response, willingness to accommodate dietary restrictions, communication and approach has made me feel very safe while my kids are at the school.  We are sad that my oldest is off to kindergarten this year! She’ll certainly miss all her friends and teachers but we know she is well prepared to enter the new school year thanks to her time at Mini Miracles.”

~ Jennifer (Parent of a toddler and preschool student)

“We have had two children at Mini Miracles from infant through pre K.  In every classroom the most important people in our lives were in the very best care.  The teachers and Directors helped our children grow and develop with love, play, engaging curriculum and genuine passion for what they do. We have an overwhelming comfort dropping off our youngest at Mini Miracles everyday.”

~ Rachel and Ben (Parents of two Mini-Miracles students)
“I couldn’t ask for a better group of teachers to care for my son; they have taught him so much and have shown him so much love over the past four years! It’s such a relief to know he’s well cared for when I can’t be with him, and that he enjoys every day at Mini Miracles!”
~ L. Yang (Parent of a preschool student)

“My son joined Mini Miracles Preschool program in February 2015 after spending 2 ½ years in a home daycare with the same kids and teachers since the tender age of 3 months. Naturally with any change, especially for a toddler, I was nervous and unsure to move him to a school where he would not know the kids or teachers and wondered how he would handle the change in structure … However, I knew he was ready for this change/challenge and was very sure it was time for a transition to a more structured environment with kids his own age. I looked at a few different places and settled on Mini Miracles because I could see from the first meeting he would get the desired structure but most importantly I felt secure and comfortable with the environment. The center provided me with a nice personal feel and I had a really great meeting with his teachers to be. From day 1 he settled in and has truly developed and flourished amazingly (even quicker than I expected). One evening after school, as we settled into our bedtime routine, I could hear him counting in what appeared to be Spanish. I joined in and we counted to 5 (Cinco) together in Spanish. I asked his teacher the next morning about it and she said that she counts to them in Spanish usually daily. I was SO impressed that even at just under 3 years of age he was being exposed to this level of learning!! You can tell he has fun, is learning and really LOVES his new friends and teachers. He even knows the names of the teachers in the other classes, which says a lot of the overall care he is receiving there. He runs to his classroom every morning and is eager to give big hugs to his teachers which shows me that he is cared for, safe and in the right place. I could not be more happy with our decision to move him to Mini Miracles and know he will continue to flourish and grow!!”

~ Christine P. (Parent of a preschool student)
“Mini Miracles has the most incredible teachers and staff. It’s hard to leave your child, but knowing that he is so well taken care and loved makes it so much easier!”
~ Melanie P. (Parent of an infant student)
“Mini Miracles has a top notch curriculum that focuses on all areas of development. They do a great job of working on pre-academic skills but also have a huge focus on building social and emotional development. The teachers are hands on and there is so much opportunity for the kids to learn through play. It is such a nurturing environment and I don’t think there has been a day when I have dropped my son off and he wasn’t met with a hug from one of his teachers. His teachers are warm, caring, and supportive and truly love each and every child. He can’t wait to go to school in the morning and is so happy when I pick him up. There hasn’t been a day where his teachers haven’t updated me on how his day was, which is something that as a parent, is really important to me. Every teacher at Mini Miracles knows who my son is and he knows them all by name as well. It is such a family environment, even walking him to his class in the morning he gets several hugs from the other teachers in the center. Just to know he is somewhere where he is cared about so much is reassuring. It isn’t an easy decision finding a child care center where your child will spend a good portion of their day. I can say that my husband and I couldn’t have made a better decision. When we drop our son off in the morning, we know he is in a positive, safe, supportive, and loving environment, where he is learning new things every day. We honestly couldn’t be any happier with Mini Miracles and so much of what my son has learned and how he has grown throughout the years is the result of the incredible teachers there!”
~ Jennifer R. (Parent of a toddler and preschool student)