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October 2017 By: MMCC Staff

What’s Brewing at Mini-Miracles… 

Thanks to our creative teachers and dedicated staff at MMCC!  Each season is brought to life with spectacular decorations for the kiddos to enjoy!  Check out what they have brewed up for fall…

A very special thanks to all of our MMCC staff for the hard work, thoughtfulness and creativity they exhibit each day to provide a caring, nurturing and educational environment for each and every child!

October 2017 By: MMCC Staff

Appletastic Times at Mini-Miracles

The brilliant colors, the delicious smells waffling through the air and the crisp cool air (on a few days) are all sure signs that fall is upon us.  The kiddos here at Mini-Miracles are sure loving all the fun activities that comes with this time of year.  Yes we know more work comes along with the fun… racking… but check out the great educational projects the kids have done so far! 

Red, yellow and green apples are all equally delicious but provide the perfect opportunity for fun sorting games.  Learning to sort is a critical skill for our preschooler to develop.  They all did a great job sorting the apples and had a blast all while building a strong foundation for their future learning experiences!  Our Monkey friends used apples to learn about measuring, mixing, and waiting patiently as their apple sauce cooked in the crockpot for 4 long hours.  From the delicious smell lingering in the MMCC halls, I can say it was worth the wait!  Later in the day the kiddos enjoyed the fruit of their labors by diving into the fall favorite for an afternoon treat!  As you can see, apples provide so many great experiences for our young friends.  Check out our facebook page for a great science experiment to do at home, with you guessed it… apples!

We hope you and your families will enjoy the rest of this fall season!  I know we sure will here at MMCC, check back soon to see how!

September 2017 By: MMCC Staff

Mini-Helpers Helping Hands Hurricane Drive

Thank you to all who contributed to our very successful hurricane helpers drive to support the victims of the recent tragic hurricanes. 

We are very proud of what our students, families and staff were able to collect for those affected by the tragedy.  The little helping hands at Mini-Miracles are encouraged and taught the importance of community and kindness each day.  This is reflected in all the small day to day activities, sharing, support, and encouragement that takes place throughout MMCC.  We believe teaching our little ones a sense of responsibility to our community and neighbors near and far, engrains in them the importance of helping others.     

We are always excited when we are able to come together as a community to make this work on a larger scale.  Together, the students, families and staff collected 463 diapers, 317 baby wipes, 12 containers of baby food and formula, and an assortment of baby and toddler shampoo, ointment, baby powder, and other hygiene products. 

Keep an eye out for our next Mini-Helpers project as the holidays approach.  Thank you again for your support! 

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