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June 2016 By: MMCC Staff

Camping Day!

Mini-Miracles enjoyed camping day on May 20th. Along with it being camping day, it was also pajama day! Students participated in activities such as, sharing stories around the camp fire, exploring the inside of tents, pretend fishing, studying different insects in the dirt and playing games of horseshoe. Following those activities, each class was able to eat their lunch picnic-style outside. The day ended with arts and crafts and yummy s’mores!

June 2016 By: MMCC Staff

Autism Awareness Day!

April 2nd was Autism Awareness Day. Mini-Miracles dedicated the day and month to spreading Autism awareness, understanding and education! To show support everyone wore blue and decorated the center! A raffle table was set up for families to be entered in winning a trip to the Discovery Museum! All proceeds raised went to our neighbors at RCS Learning Center, a non-profit school for children with Autism.

June 2016 By: MMCC Staff

MMCC Massive Egg Hunt!

Mini-Miracles had their MASSIVE Egg hunt on March 28th this year! The entire school participated in searching for eggs with hidden treats inside. We would like to give a special thanks to all the families who helped make this day a success by sending in goodies!

June 2016 By: MMCC Staff

Wacky Sports Wednesday

March 24th was Wacky Sports Wednesday at Mini-Miracles Early Education & Childcare Center! Throughout the month of March students strengthened their motor skills through playing different games. Students also learned new words and concepts while reading books associated with sports. Most importantly the children learned the importance of teamwork! On Wacky Sports Wednesday each class came to school dressed in their team colors and competed amongst classmates and teachers in a series of wacky fun games! Everyone had great sportsmanship and a lot of fun!

June 2016 By: MMCC Staff

Music Day

February 2016 was music month! Throughout the month Mini-Miracles classes appreciated music in different ways. A few favorite activities of music month were playing with musical instruments, music themed crafts and freeze dance feet painting. On February 19th a generous family brought in their personal instruments to share with the students and even preformed a few songs! Being able to see, play and listen to different instruments enhanced students learning and excitement!

June 2016 By: MMCC Staff

Frozen Day

On January 29th we celebrated our first ever Frozen day here at Mini-Miracles Early Education & Childcare Center! The day was filled with excitement as children came to school dressed as their favorite Disney’s Frozen movie character. Each classroom visited Elsa’s castle, sang along and danced to the movie soundtrack, ran through a bubble snow storm, played on the jungle gym bouncy and read a story with a special surprise guest… Olaf!

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